Good Things About Me


To Whom This May Concern:

I am an all-around ‘can do’ guy. If I don't know or remember something, I know how to find the information and use it.

I follow procedures and create them when they do not exist, so that others can accomplish the same tasks in the same way.

I am comfortable as a roll-up-your-sleeves kind of manager/team leader or as a team member, and can also work well on my own.

I do whatever it takes to get things done on time if it is at all possible to do so.

I have proven analytical and problem-solving abilities spanning 49 years of industry-wide, technology-wide, and application-wide IT experience.

I have extensive hands-on systems, application, and database performance tuning and troubleshooting experience.

I'm a very quick study and quick to gather, comprehend and understand an organization’s goals and objectives.

I have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as having great interpersonal skills.

I present ideas in user-friendly language, whether my audience is technical or not.

I am highly self-motivated, self-directed, and pay keen attention to detail.

I effectively prioritize and execute tasks in high-pressure environments.

I have a very strong customer service orientation and have worked in and managed support organizations.

I have extensive experience working in team-oriented, collaborative environments. I have managed and trained on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore personnel.

I lead by example, facilitating smooth running teams.

I'm very aware of my usual multiple roles and responsibilities in the processes used within IT, and how those roles within a process affect others.

I enforce the use of proper procedures within teams and make recommendations for process improvement where appropriate and applicable.

I’m a complete team player at all levels, I identify where my own competencies need to increase or improve, and actively work to develop them.

I'm accountable for my own actions and deliverables. I enforce accountability and insist on high quality from others. I consistently demonstrate my own determination and high standards.

I continually challenge colleagues and offer to assist with issues to improve quality.

I always demonstrate a global understanding of business processes and thinking.

I build upon and develop the ideas of others.

I think laterally, as well as multi-dimensionally, approaching issues from different angles.

I propose appropriate approaches and solutions for resolving issues and successfully deliver and support business strategies and tactics.

I set and work to demanding, quantified goals and standards and am focused on achieving high quality results.

I take accountability for driving results with and through others; ensuring achievement is in line with goals.

I make things happen.

I intervene promptly when results may not be achieved as planned or desired, and strive to provide the triage to accommodate success in every case.

I always strive to inspire others in the team to desire and achieve the same standards I demonstrate.

I have been told I am inspirational to my colleagues, and cause them to strive to match my standards.

I constantly promote the vision of the team, and the high quality standards used within.

I willingly share my own experiences and learning in order to help others develop. I enjoy learning from others in that process. I coach others to help raise their performance.

I take personal ownership for achieving agreed results and consistently delivering against goals. I adapt my own approach, when appropriate, to ensure goals are met.

I have been a presenter for many years, regularly presenting to peers and to wider audiences, the functional work and challenges faced by teams.

I take the lead in arranging sessions to promote the work of teams.

I am influential in my opinions and respected for my application and business knowledge.

I adapt messages according to the audience.

I champion new initiatives and act as a change agent. I actively demonstrate an understanding of changes by applying the new ideas and processes as well as working with others to transition to new ideas and changes.

Where SOP documentation does not exist, or is poor, I create it or improve it.

I demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit as well as enthusiasm, and display positive outlook and positive energy for my work and my colleagues.

I continue to perform steadily despite disappointments and adversity.

I maintain high morale of self and my work group.

I help guide my team(s) during adverse times.

I know my stuff when it comes to Oracle Applications (also, known as Oracle Financials) and Oracle Database, MySQL, Microsoft, and other databases (and have been doing that since 1987).

I am not only a Sr. Oracle AND MySQL DBA, but also, an Oracle Apps DBA and SysAdmin, as well as a SQLServer DBA.

I'm a SQL and PL/SQL programmer and an integration/ETL expert.

I'm a Sr. System Administrator for Unix (including Sun Solaris, HP and other forms of Unix since 1984), and for Linux (most versions since 1996). I also have experience with Windows administration and Network administration.

I'm an excellent webmaster able to design and implement database driven content management systems and applications, coupled with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, Unix/Linux (bash, ksh, perl) scripts, PHP, MySQL, and more.

My documentation, troubleshooting, and communication skills are top notch!

I'm an excellent project manager, able to multitask, and a successful marketing and sales person, as well.

I've performed in the following roles by responsibility and/or title; hardware designer, assembler programmer, applications programmer, systems administrator, database administrator, projects manager, software development manager, database/DBA manager, applications development manager, software vendor relations manager, Sr. Director of IT and CTO. Thus, I can communicate effectively across all levels of personnel.

Due to my extensive, wide background and experience, when a problem occurs with systems, I can usually pin point it with very little research (i.e., Triage and RCA are just 2 of my specialties).

As a DBA, I have...
Designed, installed, monitored, maintained, secured, upgraded, backed-up and performance tuned Oracle, and other databases, related applications and web sites. I have played major roles in ensuring company databases, which underpin corporate systems, are accurate and available using Oracle Import/Export, Rman, Dataguard, OEM, and other related tools. I also have Delphix experience as relates to Oracle images.

As relates to Disaster Preparedness and Recovery...
I have designed, tested and implemented recoverable, fault resilient and fault tolerant systems and databases.

My Responsibilities have included these things I've done and more...

  • Defined, planned and implemented database installs, upgrades, and maintenance (including patching).
  • Defined, planned and implemented Oracle Applications similarly.
  • Installed and configured relevant network components to ensure database access as well as database consistency and integrity.
  • Configured systems for use in development, testing and production environments.
  • Adhered to change control and testing processes for modifications to Oracle and other applications and databases.
  • Wrote and maintained documentation, to an appropriate standard, for relevant processes and procedures.
  • Performed proactive monitoring and maintenance using system management tools and custom scripts.
  • Responded to and resolved application and database access and performance issues.
  • Monitored, optimized and allocated physical data storage for application and database systems (using HP Sitescope, Splunk, OEM, and other tools, as well as custom solutions).
  • Have been pro-active in monitoring of database and application system backups, including restores, refreshes, clones, etc.
  • Worked with all areas of IT and users from data entry to executive level to ensure that data migration, database cloning, imports and exports (including refreshes, retrofits, etc.) were correctly implemented to support application project work.
  • Managed and controlled access to applications, databases and systems.
  • Established appropriate end-user database access control levels.
  • Adhered to all pertinent Service Level Agreements (SLA).

I am Quality focused, a clear communicator with a professional attitude and excellent problem solving skills.

I have extensive experience installing, configuring and supporting multi-tier, mission critical, production systems, applications, and databases (including Oracle Applications systems, once known as Oracle Financials).

I've been an Oracle DBA since 1987, and have supported other databases in that role, as well (such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and others). My Oracle DBA skills include versions 6 through 11gR2. I’d love to get my hands on the latest versions.

I have extensive Unix and Linux skills (Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, RHEL, Centos, Ubuntu, and others) that I have used to support Oracle databases, Oracle Applications and other products across multiple servers, and am a shell script expert (perl, ksh, python, bash, csh, etc.).

I have a good understanding of many types of NAS, SAN, RAID and other storage hardware, with a particular focus on business continuity processes and procedures. I’ve worked closely with Wipro, EMC, NetBackup, Tivoli TSM, and other tools and related vendor support teams.

I am a designer of fault-tolerant, fault-resilient, fail-over, and load-balanced systems. Experience includes F5, EMC, Hitachi, Net App, and others.

I have used RMAN and SAN snapshot-based backup and recovery technologies, as well as Worm optical archive backup technologies.

I have Knowledge of Oracle Applications through version 11i, as well as related tools and utilities (ad* tools, enterprise manager, Toad, and other 3rd-party monitoring tools).

My References Are Available On Request.

Thank you in advance for considering me for any role in your organization that my very wide, long, and deep experiential background may qualify me for.

... A Final Note ...

Don’t think me over-qualified, because my love of IT and my ability to do more than hired for has frequently benefited companies I’ve served and is sure to benefit yours.

Thanks again!

Jesse Josserand
[email protected]